Yoga as exercise or alternative medicine!

Yoga to nothing but a mind and body intervention that gradually helps in health effects especially stress. It has the power to make a person calm thereby maintaining a sustained balance between the nervous system, body, mind as well as spirit. In addition to that, it also has the capability to drive away some diseases and keep you perfectly healthy. Depending upon the body condition that timings that are allotted to do yoga may vary. The practitioner will give basic guidelines how to do yoga the completely depends on the state of the mind and the body.

Yoga as exercise or alternative medicine
This statement has become a common phenomenon that has been driven by the ancient Indian practices. It can also be considered as a physical exercise that really helps in providing overall stretches to the body. But it can be considered a little bit lower in terms of physical exercise and is completely concentrated on therapeutic requirements. In an exercise, there is only one way to attain physical fitness, but when it comes to yoga there are additional aspects including medication and therapies.

Both the meditative as well as exercise elements of Yoga provides equal benefits for a human body. Yoga has the ability to cure many health diseases which particularly concentrates on depression and stress. According to the survey conducted by the US National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, it has been observed that yoga has been used as an alternative therapy in some parts of the world with more than 6.1% of people practicing it.

Yoga and some health conditions
Yoga has the power to heal many of the health-related problems and it has been scientifically proven as well. So most of the people have turned themselves to do yoga as an alternative medicine to cure some of the diseases that are not even cured by the medicines. And they have found extraordinary result within no time that made them stick to yoga for the rest of the life.

  • Yoga is perfect to treat anxiety, tension, and depression.
  • It is also the best alternative treatment for insomnia.
  • And is the best medicine for hypertension and some disorders.

In addition to mental body conditions, it also has the ability to cure some physical health condition that includes, back pain, rheumatic disease, cancer and many more other diseases.

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