What is Spiritual Bliss

Bliss is an innate state that can be expressed as an inner joy. In other words, it can also be described as a superlative state which is completely distinct from happiness. Moreover, the happiness we consider here is somewhat related to the earthly feelings. But Bliss is completely contributed to the soul which is not at all related to the external world. There is a possibility that everything which makes us happy has the equal capacity to make us feel unhappy.  

Bliss begins by finding as well as turning into something. Something that is internally present in your respective of your feelings, mood, what you are thinking or what you believe and so on. It is an eternal presence that is always a part of human life. In order to notice in a more precise to be you have to get through the detailed explanation of experiencing the following things.

The five senses

The most commonly said five senses are sound, smell, taste, touch and vision. Each of the senses does not sustain for a long time and it is only a short time experience.


A mind is nothing but what you think that are connected with the emotions or feelings. Here also you can easily differentiate between the pleasure that is gained through the mind and the pleasure that is obtained through the five senses. Both of them are quite different in their own way.


Whatever decision you make that depends upon your intelligence. It also has the capability to the reason any situation. Similarly, it helps in attaining a different type of pleasure which is qualitative as well as quantitative for superior when compared with the happiness that you came via the mind.

The sustainability of Bliss

So far you might have understood about Bliss and its now time to know how to sustain happiness or bliss. Each of the media has its own way of experiencing happiness in your life. Perhaps you might have well known about bliss that is related to the soul. This might also make you aware that bliss is something that is the more superlative quality of happiness.

It is not a feeling that can be expressed in words but it needs to be felt through experience. The sustainability of bliss is unlimited and it is even not determined. However, the spiritual practices are the only best way in which you can easily understand the meaning of bliss and can have a personal experience of it.

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