Peace— Is it attainable?

What is peace?

It is very easy to define peace as a heart of human being. To be more specific, it's just an individual feeling. It's too good to be true that every human being on the earth needs to have a peaceful life no matter what. Few philosophers have explained that peace is a brief period between two successful wars. In fact, the world becomes restless if people do not find peace in their lives. Often you might have experienced how a life will be without peace of mind. However, each and every individual would like to lead a peaceful life which in turn makes the peaceful society.

Is peace attainable?

Yes, it is attainable. In fact, this is one of the serious questions. Even though it seems to be utopian, but in certain cases, it's like it will never ever happen. A few people have already protested to get peace in the world. Eventually, they failed to do so. Because every nation is occupied by ulterior motives who would stop them to happen. Due to these ulterior motives, people have to suffer from attaining peace.

In this world, nothing is possible by common people, neither they have nothing to do. But every man dreams to have peace because of the circumstances and issues revolving around them. However, it has become very difficult to attain peace due to some powerful influences as well as a race to the top of the world. There are many such examples of World War 1 and World War 2. There is no choice left for people rather than facing the wall.

How to attain peace?

You believe or not there are many people who continuously pray to God for peace. Many of the religious beliefs say that create peaceful surroundings but most of the wars are against this belief. Until and unless all these words and greedy feelings are alive in human hearts there is no chance to completely attain peace. Instead of making statements create a change by yourself so that you will find ways to attain peace. It is an ideal way to have a conversation about individual Nations as well as the International community so as to come up with the appropriate solution. Therefore, it is the time to get focused on ways to know how to lead a peaceful life so as to find what is more truthful and logical.

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