Journey to the personal awareness using 6th sense

What is the sixth sense?

The sixth sense is nothing but another term that is used to represent extrasensory perception. To be more precise it is our ability to perceive the subtle-dimension. Moreover, it also includes a few other abilities to understand the subtle cause as well as the effects of every relationship. In fact, these circumstances are beyond understanding so people who can easily handle such situations process to have the sixth sense.

The journey to personal awareness

The journey to the personal awareness using Sixth Sense starts by understanding what they are. Basically, it consists of,

  • clairaudient- audition
  • clairvoyant -beyond normal sensory contact
  • clairegustient-taste
  • clairsentient - feelings
  • clairsentient -scent
  • claircognizant- knowing

In fact, always six together form the sixth sense and they are the mediums that receive information via high energies. Even though each of the sense is different in its own way and has its own potential. Ultimately all the six senses have trust in the internal guidance system in which they become aware of high energies that are flowing around them. As the senses obey all the energies they also have the tendency to consistency in human life.

Creating personal awareness using Sixth Sense

It does not require any superpowers to drive the universal energy to develop talents or build up relationships. The only thing that you need to have is an open heart and lots of love. If that is the case of love then it has two different emotions which have equal impact on each other. However, you can make use of these feelings to find the best choice for your heart. At that point in time, the ultimate aim is to create a beautiful life for yourself.

However, it is the primary concern of the physical world and fear of surviving makes us feel that your partner never gets separated from you. And it is the time for the divine source to act as a mediator to provide information to oneself. It is the most common fact that consciousness exists along with physical death in which the souls are eternal. Each and every step of the human life will lead to a huge plan to remember the main reason to have a physical existence on earth and its presence is to remember love.

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